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The young office ladies’ business clothing is either too serious, or too stylish, or just right as LILY.As a pioneer of young office ladies’ clothing, LILY creates a perfect combination between fashion and business styles, and focuses on the fresh and modern “just right” business clothing for urban office ladies.
“Strong, Feminine, Modern, Concise” is the key words to describe LILY’s style. LILY’s designers are inspired by the modern art style, in mixture with surrealism, modern times style, and Byzantium art. LILY is dedicated to creating a unique business fashion wear by adopting simple outlines, creative colors, and innovative patterns.
LILY has opened up over 700 stores in China, covering 250 cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Wuhan etc. It has also extended its business to overseas market by opening up over 60 stores in Russia, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, Kuwait etc.