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In the first decade of new millennium, new technology has changed the rules of fashion. Today, the next generation, without any level of expertise, can style themselves with clothes look ‘perfect’ on their personality. With the global communication, devices combined the rise of confidence that this new generation now feel and crave to express their own individuality, many fashion companies are starting to respond with their own version of ‘stylish’ clothes based on the theme of wearable sportswear and street wear mix-and-match, and casualty-mingling-formality.

Jaspal Group, one of the long experienced fashion company, has foreseen what the past were all about, versatility and freedom of choice seems to be the future. To quench the thirst of fashion epicure and next generation who unleashed themselves from brand obsession, the accessibility, versatility and quality must be juxtaposed appealing to young consumers. Herald CC-OO (c-c-double-o), this latest line born of state-of-the-art fashion design and understanding in increasingly demands of the consumer offering the natural fabrics composed in relaxed and comfortable structures. To celebrate street wear as the most workable way to accommodate the typical next generation’s lifestyle, using high quality natural fabrics, clean lines and sportswear shapes, this is not only ‘mix-and-match’ but also to interpret the wearer’s identity by choosing
colors and pieces on a whim!

CC-OO is located on the ground floor at AEON MALL Sen Sok City.