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Coffee Today Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 by Mr. Sathit Mukdahan. The first branch opened was Big C branch in Rayong, which inspired the creation of this company. What is the consumer is not known. The price is quite high and the taste is not very Thai people. The idea is to try to invent a fresh coffee that can be consumed by Thai people. The price is not expensive. And all Thai people can easily handle it. Was born Freshly-brewed Thai coffee is soft and fragrant. Everyone can find it easily in the style of Coffee today.
With diligence and encouragement from the people around. This business can grow steadily. At present, more than 200 branches have been opened in the Central, Eastern and Northeast. The company intends to expand its success and impress the taste of fresh Thai coffee. To all of the country. It's based on that. "Every coffee comes from inspiration"
Coffee Today is located on 2nd Floor at AEON MALL Sen Sok City.