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នំបុ័ងឆ្ងាញ់ពិតគឺនិយាយទៅលើគ្រឿងផ្សំដ៏មានគុណភាព និងអ្នកដុតនំដ៏មានស្នាដៃល្បីល្បាញ។​ អ្នកធ្វើនំ
បានសម្តែងនូវភាពអស្ចារ្យក្នុងការដុតនំជារៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃ​ដែលបានផ្លាស់ប្តូររូបធាតុធម្មតាដែលមានដូចជាៈ ទឹក
មេអំបិល និងម្សៅលាយបញ្ចូលគ្នា ដែលប្រកបដោយរសជាតិ។

In France as in every country Maison Eric Kayser has opened bakeries; the bread is a true refined product that defends its core values:

French Tradition & authenticity: use liquid natural leaven, slow hand kneaded, long fermentation process and baking in a furnace

Craftsman know-how: French chefs trained by Maison Kayser in Paris

Modernity and creativity: fit modern expectations and adapt local tastes all over the world

Nutrition: guarantee freshness, use natural ingredients from sustainable agriculture, no preservatives nor additives in all our products

Gastronomy: promote French original breads to food-lovers all over the world & associate bread with noble and high quality ingredients.

Son, grandson, great-grandson of French bakers, Eric Kayser is not only a passionate artisan. The man is a worldwide company head who has put all his energy along the past 15 years to promote bread dear to his heart, and explore it as a gastronomic product.

Eric Kayser is located on Ground Floor at AEON MALL Sen Sok City next to TimerLand.