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Our Story
The story of Genki Sushi began with the vision of a 24-year-old Japanese sushi chef, Fumio Saito. Saito dreamed of creating a modern sushi restaurant with an unusual feature known as a 'kaiten' (literally translated as 'revolving'). In December 1968, he created the concept of 'kaiten sushi' and pioneered the use of a revolving conveyor belt to serve sushi, combining serving traditional sushi with modern technology.

Genki Sushi was the first to introduce the innovative system that delivers food to our customers. Shaped like a bullet train and running on a track above the main revolving conveyor belt, this sophisticated, fully-functional ‘train’ system ensures your food reaches you fresh from the kitchen, almost instantly.

And today, there are over 300 outlets across the world. Cambodia joined the list of countries where Genki Sushi is present. Apart from Japan, there are outlets in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Kuwait, the United States and elsewhere

Our Mission
To bring sushi within the reach of everyone. To introduce this unique Japanese dining experience to the world and to never stop improving and upgrading our skills.

Genki Sushi is located on the 2nd Floor at AEON MALL Sen Sok City.