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KIMMO is the Korean 7 Levels Spicy Noodle which is the son of Sasin Noodle that is the popular brand in Korea and Vietnam which has more than hundred branches. In Cambodia, KIMMO is the master franchise based on the healthy food system under supervision of Sasin both recipe, ingredient, material, cooking formula, and, etc. KIMMO is consistently acknowledged and controlled according to quality standard by MOH of Cambodia.
KIMMO Noodle ‘s made by Chinnoo Noodle, combine with Sasin chili, shrimp, cattle fish, beef, kimchi, and other materials and ingredients which has 7 levels of spicy taste that will offer the new life style of food, the Fan’s of spicy food, the gratification of a great meal with great flavor, sour, and hot in one to match to your taste.
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Enjoy your meal!